Songs To Heal People In Comas CD

by PaluRainbowSongAndTheFreestylers



This Album CD is about using music and songs to help heal and bring people out of comas. Although one specific incident sparked this push and crusade to help all people in comas, the incident was horrific enough and courageous enough to realize that in helping one person, we might as well help all persons who suffer comatose situations in which they have long been in a deep sleep and need to awake before it's too late!

What if you had a loved one suddenly who for whatever reason or because of a car crash or what have you, entered a comatose situation and was in a coma. Nobody knew when they would come out of it. What if a similar situation occurred and your insurance bullied you to either "come up with the money" (after you exhausted every cent you had and all of your funds)... only to give you a last ultimatum of "come up with the cash!"... (or we'll pull the plug). Sad but true, it could happen to you.

That leaves 2 alternatives weighed against the other.... money verses life! Life and living should not be dependent on money when money is always dependent on life... yet we learn how that equation reverses itself once a person is no longer a money-earner and others are required to "foot the bill" yet always "run out of money in the end" and then need a miracle to help them through after that!

The other alternative which few really focus on is using whatever means necessary to help the patient in a coma awake! I believe the songs on this CD can do just that and if they don't, then at least a person in a coma (if they have any sense of awareness left in them at all that we in the conscious state cannot recognize but they are aware of), can still benefit from. That's because these songs do all they can to help promote the perspective that those in a coma are aware because we are not entirely dependent upon what is contained within the brain or the senses alone!

This Higher Power or True Self that resides in us and without as Cosmic, Universal Mind and VOID (God or Jah)... is an intelligence beyond our wildest imagination and knowing that has instilled a spark of itself in us (which we really are)... and so this give hope to the thoght that the third alternative is AWAKENING.

If the patient in a coma could awake, then his or her family would no longer have to "foot the bill" to keep them alive and the insurance companies would have to admit defeat in greedily making a profit off of those who are dying or have to be sustained because they are in a coma.

Would that legislation would be passed everywhere that would require the medical industry to do everything they can to save and sustain a life no matter what the cost and no matter what depths of monetary or financial circumstance! Yet in a world where insurance companies run the world in these matters to keep a check and a watchful eye on how much money gets spent instead of the need to save a life, we are left with only these choices... pay or pull the plug. Now there is a 3rd choice which music, spirituality and miracles can do when medical science has done all it can do and a person's life rests in the hands not of doctors, but greedy profiteers who want immediate cash or else are too happy and too quick to pull the plug instead of letting due time work its magic so somebody can awake!

With both "due time" and "insurance companies" threatening all too quick a person's comatose situation... the last alternative (nobody has thought of until now)... remains the last hope. And that hope is these songs and the life-blood of music to enter the threshold and work magic that neither doctors, money or short-patience can do... (the last vestige or hope to help those in a coma awake)!

All proceeds from the sale of this CD will be donated to helping those in coma situations wherever they are. If the proceeds from this CD were not able to be used to help those in coma situations while they were still alive and they either died or the plug was pulled due to money costs (legal, sanctified murder insurance companies are guilty of), then such funds from the sale of this CD will be donated to help their remaining,existing, grieving families and loved ones after they have passed from this earth due to either natural death or (in the worst case scenario)... "the plug being pulled."

Best scenario? These songs will help hundreds or thousands everywhere awake when science, the medical field and doctors can do no more except rely upon a miracle and when music (which has the power to soothe the savage beast or the grieving soul), can inspire the sleeping half-dead... TO AWAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can donate to the GoFundMe campaign here if you wish to make direct donations to Go Fund Me there)... by going to....


released June 18, 2016

Paul Beckman (Palu Rainbow Song)


all rights reserved



PaluRainbowSongAndTheFreestylers British Columbia

Paul Beckman (Palu Rainbow Song) is a musician/artist who on December 30'th and 31'st of December 2009 & January 1'st of, 2010, became number one in the world both in Canada and Internationally on YouTube's Musicians' Channel for 3 consecutive days around the globe!

Palu graced YouTube's opening pages along side of Paul McCartney, Justin Bieber, Nelly Furtado & countless other stars.
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Track Name: People See You In A Coma, But Many Have Faith You Are Aware And Can Hear What's Happening
Interestingly enough, although the lyrics were freestyled so you'd have to listen to the song first in order to draw the lyrics from it, the very text used to describe this track's song were used as the lyrics for the next song.

What I did was (for song track 2).... I used my text narrator with an English Female Voice from an obsolete text narrator software company that went out of business called Speakonia, to read the text here while I played this song at a lower volume level in the background, present audio lyrics and the sound of nature in the background as well.

With that said, if you look at the text about song track one, "these are the lyrics" for song track two! They are spoken in a speaking voice fasion by my ancient text narrator (which is a robot voice that can sound nearly human at times)!

You can donate to the GoFundMe campaign here. (The link address for the "GoFundMe" link is... if you wish to make direct donations there)
Track Name: The Pleading Letter... Is There Any Humanity And Compassion In You?
The lyrics of this second song track are found in the "About text" that applies to the first song tack. Here it is (The Pleading Letter)...

The following text comprise the lyrics of the second song track (read during the replay of the first song track at a lower volume while a text narrator reads "The Pleading Letter."

I received this email about a friend's friend in a coma: "Hey Paul,

I'm writing this because this is literally a life and death situation.
And no, it isn't some marketing ploy.

My friend. Actually, more like brother, Darrel Falliens, is in serious condition,
and he and his family need your help. They are out of funds and his insurance
won't continue to cover the care he needs.

One of his grandchildren setup a GoFundMe campaign, to raise money for
his medical expenses, so he has a better chance of surviving.

Read the campaign description. His insurance is trying to get his family to "pull the plug"
if they can't come up with the funds. This is outrageous and unacceptable.

He is currently in a coma. We all want him to live, and we know he wants to live too.
He's only 49 years old.

They need to raise $3000 to cover medical expenses, which I know can be done.

Any amount you could donate would be greatly appreciated.

You can donate to the GoFundMe campaign here. (The link address for the "GoFundMe" link is... if you wish to make direct donations there)

Please share this campaign on Facebook, Twitter and all of you social media,
and send this out to your list. You can even use or include this same email to
make it easier.

Thank You,

Kurt Tasche" .......... Therefore although I'd like to help raise the money, I had greater faith in my song making abilities and that I could make the songs people in comas need to urge those in comas to come back to the living before it's too late.

Now I'm on a crusade to help do that and raise funds by asking you to donate to this CD of songs to help and aid all people in comas everywhere to have the needed input loved ones can use (through these specific songs)... to bring everyone out of comas through the gift of music! "A dollar might buy and extend a life but further but a musical note and lyric of the right type adn calibre might also be felt ( impart ing"a call to action" in those who have been in a long sleep in a way and manner that three thousand dollars or three million plus some cents never could!"
Track Name: What Can Wake A Camatose Person Up?
Audio lyrics exist, which at any time can be written down.
Track Name: This Song Is Just For You... Those In A Coma
Audio lyrics Palu exist in the song. They may be transcribed at any time.
Track Name: This Song Is For You... Those In A Coma
Audible lyrics exist which can be transcribed at any time, created by Palu in the original song.
Track Name: When You're In A Coma You Need All The Help You Can Get
Audio lyrics do exist. For written cs someone has only to transcribe the audio lyrics Palu created in the song at the time.
Track Name: What If A Big Wig Who Always Ordered The Plug Be Pulled On Coma Patients, Found Oneself In A Coma... Would Their Tune Change?
Audio lyrics exist, created by Palu... (but not written down because there was never a need to write them down since they were created "naturally" on the spot! However, since the audio lyrics precede the written ones, they are available and can be transcribed at any given time if somebody is willing to do the work of accurately transcribing them... for the highest good of all concerned.
Track Name: Would That You Nor I Will Ever Be In A Coma
There are audio lyrics Palu created when the song was created "freestyle." Anybody willing to transcribe Palu's lyrics on this entire album CD from the audio into the written with accuracy and send them to Palu, is welcome to receive a free downloadable CD from Palu.
Track Name: A Prayer And Affirmation That All People Now In A Coma Will Wake Up This Moment
Anyone wanting to transcribe Palu's audio lyrics into accurate, written form and send them to Palu is welcome to... and receive a free Album CD for doing so!

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