June 15, 2016 Songs By Palu CD

by PaluRainbowSongAndTheFreestylers



This is a compilation of 7 songs created June 15, 2016 by Paul Beckman (Palu Rainbow Song), turned into an Album CD you can download if you wish.


released June 17, 2016



all rights reserved



PaluRainbowSongAndTheFreestylers British Columbia

Paul Beckman (Palu Rainbow Song) is a musician/artist who on December 30'th and 31'st of December 2009 & January 1'st of, 2010, became number one in the world both in Canada and Internationally on YouTube's Musicians' Channel for 3 consecutive days around the globe!

Palu graced YouTube's opening pages along side of Paul McCartney, Justin Bieber, Nelly Furtado & countless other stars.
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Track Name: It Is Great Deeds That Make Us Immortal
Sung freestyle (can't get lyrics unless you listen to the song and write them down).
Track Name: It's June-uary And The Season Hasn't Really Started Yet
Freestyled (made up on the spot)... therefore no written lyrics exist unless you listen to the song and then afterwards write them down (which I have not done).
Track Name: Valantina, Elicia And Tatiana
No written lyrics as of yet, but there are audio lyrics when the song was created.
Track Name: We're All Looking For Something
Audible Lyrics only (unless you write them down)
Track Name: Hold On!
There are audio lyrics.
Track Name: German Reggae
The lyrics in the song are found on the audio version when listening to it.
Track Name: While One Went To The Future, The Other Went To The Past
There are audio lyrics (but they have not been written down). This would be a future challenge someone would have to do if you preferred to have written lyrics.

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